ProLiga & Promo Swipe offer clubs a revolutionary promotional platform for their sponsors and fans!

Promo Swipe has signed an agreement with the Spanish ProLiga, that enables Clubs to offer sponsors direct “e-voucher” marketing to fans, via a new mobile app.

ProLiga has reached an agreement with Promo Swipe Spain, to use their technology  and apps and make it available to all the clubs associated with the Spanish Football league.

“Promo Swipe is an innovative sponsorship and marketing app that provides clubs with an important new way of obtaining financing, while providing sponsors with an efficient and effective marketing tool and access to invaluable information in the form of statistical data about the end users.”

Followers will be able to download the app for free and will have access to digital discount coupons. With a simple movement of the finger (swipe) to the left or right, they users can discard or save the offers and exchange them at the point of sale or online.

“We know that conventional Club sponsorship is only available to a few large sponsors and we believe PromoSwipe has developed a new way to reach a huge number of smaller, local sponsors who want to reach fans and make real-time offers.”